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Types of Thermal Printers_files

Types of Thermal Printers_files

  • February 13,2015.

Thermal printers use thermal energy to form images on paper with a special coating, which changes to black color when exposed to heat. Thermal printers are generally used for bar-code printing, label printing, and for the time and date on product packaging. Thermal printers are electronically controlled, and the market demand has increased over the past few years to help improve management, reporting, and inventory control of products. There are two main types of thermal printers, direct thermal and thermal transfer.

·Thermal printers are found in just about every business today.

·Direct Thermal

The direct thermal printer is heated by a thermal head of pins to help develop color on a thermosensitive type of recording material or recording sheet. The thermosensitive coloring is supported by three main color layers: magenta, yellow, and cyan. The highest heat sensitivity is the first coloring layer of the thermal printer, which develops color by using low heat energy; the third coloring layer has the lowest heat sensitivity, but uses the highest heat energy. These printers are commonly used in fax machines and calculators.

·Thermal Transfer

The second type of thermal printer is a thermal transfer printer, which uses an ink-based film to transfer ink from the ink film ribbon onto paper. Unlike a direct thermal printer, the thermal transfer printer does not require special coated paper. Similar to a direct thermal printer, the thermal transfer printer is also made-up of three colors: magenta, yellow, and cyan. Full-color images are produced once the thermal ink is transferred to a recording sheet. There are two types of thermal transfer printers on the market.

·Two Types of Thermal Transfer Printers

Two different thermal transfer printers are available and are mostly used for printing on adhesive labels. The wax-transfer printer is the first type. This printer softens and melts the ink of ink film, and then transfers it to the recording sheet. The second type of thermal transfer printer is the sublimation printer. This printer separates the dye of the ink film to the recording sheet.

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