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Setting VFD For IPOS06 Pos System

Setting VFD For IPOS06 Pos System

  • December 18,2015.

Setting VFD display of ISSYZONE System for Restaurant


Pay attention to the baud rate when you turn on the POS system. As following, when I turn on the POS system, the baud rate show on the POS system is 9600.

Step1: Enter into the configurator of restaurant software, and choose device as following.

Step2: Click customer display, you could see the [display 1] in the left side in the second picture. Set the com port into “1” and the baud rate is 9600, which I had mentioned at the beginning, then click save like the second picture.

As for IZP020, you must choose Com Port:2, Baud Rate:9600, as the following picture shows:

Step 3: Click “user workstation”, and in “others” option, select the display 1 and save.

You could check which display it is in the “customer display” option. In the second picture of step 2, you could see it is a [display 1] on the left side.

Step 4:After setting the display, you need to restart the software. And it’s done.


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