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Pozool POS

Pozool POS

  • February 3,2016.

point of sale for Bars & Restaurants

Why use this POS?

Device Independent

Smartphones, 7" tablets, or 10" tablets- providing the best experience for each one of them. We are the specialists in mobile point of sale or cashier register (pos) experiences.

Your busines, your Data

No need for an account or remembering yet another username/password, Pozool Point of Sale offers an offline mode by default to work right from install.

Constant improvement

Our service response team is interested in your input to ameliorate our clients' experience. Our goal is to bring the best set of tools to run your business smoothly; trust us, new exciting features are coming soon!

Cloud Payment Integration

Built in cloud based mobile payment managment and reporting solution as Yodo Replace your credit card company or bank and start using the most affordable most convenient and secure e-payments.

No annoying ads

We won't interrupt your workflow with annoying ads, no advertisement will be shown

in our point of sale (POS) or cashier register system Pozool.

How to realize

Get it on Google Play
Just search [Pozool] in Google Play


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