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Point of sales software company, from USA

Point of sales software company, from USA

  • September 12,2015.

The software price is a one-time free for $99.00 with 60 days of support for free. After 60 days customer has an option to purchase a support agreement for $30.00 per month or pay per incident for support for $30.00 per hour.

The best part the end-user can install 2-3 POS Stations at his store at no extra charge per License agreement. The license agreement is per store at one location.

The software was designed to have 3 POS Stations, 1 Back Office Station, and a MySQL Linux Data Server running on the local network.

Most of our customer our switching POS Software to ours because it's more user friendly and faster at checkout. Plus training new employees on how to use the register only takes a minutes.

Contact person: Jerry

Email: jschumacher@quicktouch.com

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