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ITPP080 How to detect money

ITPP080 How to detect money

  • November 7,2017.

   ITPP080 How to detect money

Ⅰ.Turn on the printeras pic-1.



Ⅱ.Install printer Driver and everything as a normal receipt printer.

Ⅲ.Print a receipt.

Ⅳ.The detect light is going to ON 20secs once the receipt print out. Then put the currency under the light,see the below pic-2.You will see the watermark on currency. Put the real currency into cash drawer after detecting.


Ⅴ.You can press the button on the left side one more time if 20s detecting time is not enough.(pic-3)


Ⅵ.You can set different detecting time by [Tools] in the CD.


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