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ISSYZONEPOS Software for Supermarket

ISSYZONEPOS Software for Supermarket

  • July 22,2016.

ISSYZONEPOS Software for Supermarket

The ISSYZONEPOS supermarket cash register system is a fully functional, easy to use, maintenance convenient integrated into the sales management software. Software interface is intuitive, and accords with the operation habit of people, after 10 years of practice and improvement, integration of the merchandise management, purchasing management, warehouse management, financial management, member management, the management of the wholesale, retail management, promotion and management comprehensive integration system management function, which is applied widely in each major and medium small supermarkets, chain convenience stores, stationery stores, tobacco firms, cosmetics stores, maternal and infant supplies shop, fruit shop, daily necessities and so on.


Basic functions: product information management, customer file management, supplier management, warehouse management, inventory management, shelf label printing, bar code printing


Member management: membership membership files, stored value, members of integral, member consumption report


Purchase management: purchase order, purchase, purchase, purchase, payment


Wholesale management: sales orders, sales, customer collection, sales report


Warehouse management: inventory management, inventory management, warehouse allocation


Financial management: the supplier shall pay, payment of the purchase, the customer receipts, expenses, income, cost of supplier reconciliation


Retail Management: sales, discounted, concessions, return, lodging, ledger, playing the cashbox, shift, re print, networking sales, broken network offline sales, support customer display


Report analysis: sales report, sales summary report, sales report, sales report, collection and summary report, purchase summary report, purchase report, wholesale and report.


System management: parameter setting, authority management, user management, database backup, data cleaning

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