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ISSYZONEPOS Resturant software multi-language version

ISSYZONEPOS Resturant software multi-language version

  • August 19,2016.

ISSYZONEPOS Resturant software multi-language version


Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English, Spanish, Arabia, Korean and other languages

The system is a widely used in food and beverage industry outstanding ordering software, software interface intuitive generous, complete functions, on the touch screen on the cash register no for keyboard and mouse can be arbitrary operation. Software support model of fast food and restaurant founding mode, after ordering front real-time through the kitchen orders, support a multi product multi unit price, package, free combination packages support, support the free choice of taste, practices, support Android Tablet mobile wireless point meal. Software can be used in fast food restaurants, restaurants, tea shops, tea restaurants, cafes, bars, etc..

Basic functions: dining table management, food information management, practice management, kitchen printer management, deputy screen advertising management, label printing

Member management: membership files, prepaid packages, membership, membership points, members of consumer credit report


Warehouse management: supplier management, procurement, inventory management, warehouse allocation

Financial management: fund account management, revenue and expenditure project management, income statement management

Business management: fast food sales model, restaurant sales model, seasonal specials, discount, kitchen communication, playing the cashbox, retreat dish, giving, dishes Gu Qing, fight platform, a mobile orders


Report analysis: sales report, sales summary report, sales report, sales report, collection and summary report.

System management: parameter setting, authority management, user management, database backup, data cleaning, print report forms

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