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Installation of ShopSpeed Software

Installation of ShopSpeed Software

  • January 22,2016.
When you are not in English version, please do the following steps:

1.Uninstall all the DB Software and the Shopspeed software


2. Install SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Tools


Caution: Choose the [Default instance]


Set the DB Password as picture shows, here is 123456


3.After SQL installation:

Go to [Win] – All Programs – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 – Configuration Tools – SQL Server Configuration Manager

OpenSQL Server Network Configuration

SelectProtocols for MSSQLSERVER

Set TCP/IP : Enabld=Yes


4.Run [ShopSpeed_POS_ML.exe] as pictures show


5. After installation,click START – all programs-you can see:


6. Open [ShopSpeed Admin], choose [SQL SERVER]


Here the Password is 123456


Clickto create new DB, must be in English! Here is Pharmacies

Default User: admin

Password:   (no password)

(no password)


for example:


Enter [ShopSpeed Sales]


Enter [Shopspeed sales], Default user name is Admin, no password
Select other language and [1.Sales]

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