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I58TP12 & ITPP057 WIFI interface Printer setting instruction

I58TP12 & ITPP057 WIFI interface Printer setting instruction

  • June 12,2017.

I58TP12 & ITPP057 WIFI interface Printer setting instruction

Our WIFI printer  can   set WIFI interface   through the WIFISettingTool.exe”,and the same time,you can use USB port,Serial port,LAN port and other Interface to set WIFI parameters.

More convenient for the user to setup and use the WIFI interface.

1.Software Function Instruction(Software Interface

Like pic.below:)

1.1 “Choose Printer Port”option can choose the port you are using

for the connected printer;“Series  Port baudrate”is the baudrate of

printer’s serial port,“LAN Port Address”is the IPaddress

of printer’s nLAN port ,IP address and baudrate can get from printer self test.

1.2 “Default Codepage”option  can modify the printer’s printing

Language, different countries and areas can set Language

(codepage) as they want, to achieve the Language and character printing as they want

1.3 WIFI Parameter Set”is the option that you can set WIFI port

parameters,can set WIFI mold,the Network name,STA and AP working mode and

other parameters.

1.4 “Beeper  Enable”option  can  turn on  and off beeper  remind

function,this function is usually for the printer which can’t use DIP

switch to control beeper.

1.5 “Print Test”can simply test if the printer is connected well or


1.6 “Restart WIFI”can restart WIFI,and make all the saved info take


1.7 WIFI Factory  Reset” WIFI settings will  restore to factory


2.WIFI settings steps:

2.1 To get the network’s SSID and the network’s WIFI password(Can

be acquired through the management interface of the router or repeater

etc),for backup.

2.2 Input the network name in the text box behind “Connect to WIFI

SSID”The SSID get in last step)that WIFI printer want to connect,then

press“Connect to WIFIwhen the printer print   “Set SSID Success”,means

set up successfully.

2.3 Input the network password in the test box behind “WIFI SSID

Password”,then press“Input the SSID password”when the printer print

“Set Password Success”,means set up successfully.

2.4 Input the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway required

to configure the  printer in the test box behind“Static  parameter”

(default format is: IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, such as:,, click“Parameter  Set”to

save the information to the printer;wait until print out“parameter set

success. Static”means set up succssfully, otherwise you need to repeat

the settings.

2.5 “Mode Printer”is  a set of printer working  mode, which can

configure printer as: AP mode, STA mode, AP+STA mode.

●If you need to connect at erminal device(such as a cellphone,tablet,

laptop or PDA) to a printer for printing, please set the printer mode to

“AP mode”.

●If you need to connect the printer to a particular network, print

data issued by the terminal equipment(such as mobile phone,tablet PC,

laptop or PDA) through(switch or relay routers and other equipment)then sent to the printer for printing, please set the printer model“STA mode”.

2.6 Click“Restart WIFI”,waiting until the printer’s green and red indicator lights turn on; red lights indicate the WIFI printer is ready, the green light means printer has been linked to the network.

If abnormal, the printer can be restarted to make the setting parameters

valid. You can check if set up successfully by printing the self test page.

Now, the user can choose the set up IP address of the printer for normal


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