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I2DBC011 I2DBC012 Pair Guide

I2DBC011 I2DBC012 Pair Guide

  • March 5,2016.

I2DBC011 I2DBC012

Pair with receiver base

1.Scan[Factory Default]

2.Scan [Enter Settings]

3.Scan [Open a SPP Channel]

4.Scan [Disconnect previous connection]

5.Scan receiver MAC address code on the receiver
6.Scan [Auto reconnection]

7.Bluetooth SPP set the parameter storage

8.Scan [Finish SPP Bluetooth settings]

9.For Apple MAC: Enter IOS Transmit Mode 


Enter IOS Transmit Mode                                Quit IOS Transmit Mode

                         Pair IPAD/IPhone/Android Devices

 1.Scan[Factory Default]

2.Scan [Enter Settings]

3.Scan [Open a HID Channel]

4.Scan [Disconnect previous connection]

5. Scan [Setting Bluetooth modules as visible]

6.Bluetooth HID set the parameter storage


7.Scan [Finish HID Bluetooth settings]

8.For Apple IPAD/IPhone: Enter IOS Transmit Mode


Enter IOS Transmit Mode                                  Quit IOS Transmit Mode

9. For Apple IPAD/IPhone: Open Bluetooth and search, find the [NVC_MD_CS45] and pair it.

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