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How to install ISSYZONEPOS Software for Supermarket/Restaurant/Clothing

How to install ISSYZONEPOS Software for Supermarket/Restaurant/Clothing

  • September 2,2016.

Before installation:

1.Need a POS System or PC Without any SQL2000 or SQL.

2.Download the database and the software from the pCloud:

3.If you need trail version(for 30 days),please install the software directory and setup, you just choose the [trail data].

Issyzonepos software for Supermarket POS:

Issyzonepos software for Clothing POS:

Issyzonepos software for Restaurant POS:

1. Double click the file [msde_Database.exe] to setup the datebase tools(simple SQL2000) and the initial database.

Note:The default installation directory is D:\Sqldata\ . if your computer has no disk D:\  you can change the installation directory.

Note:The default SA Password is shopspeed . It is the same as the SA password  in the software.if you change this SA Password,you should change the SA password in the software accordingly.

2. Double click the software file to setup the software.

The software Default User name: admin (no password)

3. After installation,click START – all programs-you can see in the start menu:

Then run the [Database Engine]

Use the software:

Use the software first time:

user code /name/password:you may change it

Please close the software and login again.

Use the software second time:


use the user:888 the pass word is 888.

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