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[Flash Billing] Brief Introduction

[Flash Billing] Brief Introduction

  • September 23,2016.

[Flash Billing] Brief Introduction

AN Android Application

Flash Billing is a concise and easy-to-use sales-oriented application.


After installing the APP, double click on the icon to enter the login


Enter account name and password to log in.

(default account is 1001 and password is 123456)

2 Main Menu

Sales Order: place a sales order, retail or wholesale

Quote: check item price

New Item: add in a new item

Shipping: browse sales lists and confirm shipping operation manually

Cash Sale: sell on-site

Contacts: review / edit customer and supplier

Items: browse / edit commodities and make an inventory

Receiving: take goods in by scanning barcodes

Sales List: review sales records

Reports: summary and analysis of stock and sales

Balance: cross-check financial transactions, payables and receivables

3 System Settings

Click the screen upper left icon to show the system menu

My Account: modify or delete an                                                       account

My Shop: edit shop information

Import/Export: item file and                                                               contacts file

Print Settings: header, footer anddisplay

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