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Wireless Barcode Scanner With Memory In Stock Black Color IPBS017

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Specifications   Scan speed:120scans/sec;  Certificate:CE, FCC, RoHS, etc.;  Color:black,white;    


(1) 2.4G bidirectional wireless RF module 

(2) Automatic frequency modulation; excellent anti-jamming capability 

(3) 250K wireless transmission rate 

(4) 30meters effective open distance. The scanner will beep three times when it exceeds the effective 

distance or fails to transmit data.

(5) Exclusive machinery ID 

(6) User-defined ID is convenient to distinguish the data sources. 

(7) Easy to match with 

(8) The inventory mode is easy to be used. It can store 500-10000 bar codes. (custom made if more than 500 bar codes) 

(9) It can turn to standby mode automatically. Standby current is less than 10UA and that makes the battery standby time much longer. 

(10) When the battery voltage is 3.5V, the scanner will have a long beep sound every time it is power on or scanning. (11) Special charging circuit makes sure the charging safety.   

Main Function: 

(1) User ID function: user-defined ID; user-defined showing or not showing the user ID. 

(2) Instant upload data 

(3) Inventory mode function: instruction of uploading, displaying the number of bar codes and 

clearing bar codes. (data can be uploaded repeatedly) 

(4) User-defined time of standby 

(5) USB interface

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