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Intelligent Voice Wireless Barcode Scanner With Memory In Stock IPBS020

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2.4G bidirectional wireless RF module; 

Automatic frequency modulation; excellent anti-jamming capability;

250K wireless transmission rate;300 meters effective open distance. 

The scanner will beep three times and has voice reminding “NO” when it exceeds the effective 

distance or fails to transmit data; 

Exclusive machinery ID; User-defined ID is convenient to distinguish the data sources;

The inventory mode is easy to be used. It can store 500-10000 bar codes. (custom made if more 

than 500 bar codes);

It can turn to standby mode automatically.

Standby current is less than 10UA and that makes the battery standby time much longer;

When the battery voltage is 3.5V, the scanner will have a long beep sound every time it is power on or scanning; 

Special charging circuit makes sure the charging safety.

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