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High Quality Bluetooth Document qr Scanner Barcode IPBS011

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1. Adopts 2.4G wireless transmission, indoor transmission distance with obstacle is about 20 meters, out door transmission distance without obstacle can reach 100 meters. With functions of quick transmission speed, low error rate, data cache, scanning total and ID display,etc.
2. Can support 20 barcode guns be used simultaneously in the same range without interfering to each other, each gun owns unique ID number and can set 99 different IDs.
3. Wireless scanning gun and wireless receiving terminal set up communication linkage automatically.
4. Without any drive, plug and play.
5. Super-long use time. This machine adopts large capacity lithium battery supply power, fully charge one time can be continuously used for more than 48 hours. About 20 seconds unused, it will shut down automatically and get into dormancy, the dormancy current is nearly 0, super-long satandby.

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