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Dot Matrix Receipt Printer 9 pins 400dot/line Dot density 5 line/sec Printing Speed IDMP006

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1.Easy paper loading;

2.5 line/sec High-Speed Printing, support multiple international languages;

3.Print head is using dentiform belt driving mode, driving mechanism and key components have 

adopted dustproof processing; 

4.Support for printing different density bitmap and download graphics;

5.Build-in black mark sensor, Support black mark detection positioning pringting;

6.Support advanced OPOS applications, printer status monitoring;

7.Support receipt reminder function Compatible with EPSON ESC/POS command sets;

8.Support automatic alarm when the printer out of pape, overheating and printing head error;

9.Support parallel port, serial port, USB port, Ethernet port, Bluetooth;

10.Ethernet printer can achieve 2 connected tasks at the same time saved.

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