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80mm Pos Terminals With Printer Support Kitchen Printing ITPP014

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Basic characteristics Product Name: Receipt Printer Model: pos-8320 It can be used for all kinds of commercial in retail POS systems, Restaurant system, Industrial control systems in areas such as.  

1.Light weight and portable  

2.Beautiful shape  

3.Low cost and High-quality thermal printing   

4.Cash drawer drive supported  

5.Easy paper-roll installation, Easy maintenance and Rational structure   

6.Low-power waste, low-run cost (without the ribbons, ink cartridges)  

7.Built-in data buffers (be capable of receiving print data while printing)  

8.Characters can be amplified,printed in bold optionally,and line spacing printing can be adjusted   9.Support different density bitmap graphics printing  

10.Support NV image downloading and printing  

11.Support raster bitmap printing  

12.High-speed printing using embedded soft font for all interfaces.  

13.Compatible with ESC/POS print instruction set, optional columns and font(adjusted by DIP switch)

14.Advantage Characteristics    

15.Audible and visual alarm supported, best application for kitchen menu printing.  

16.USB port, Serial port,and Ethernetinterface integrated on a mainboard.

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